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Even fantabulous anti-heroes like Harley Quinn need to stay hydrated for all their madcap hijinks, which is why our team have designed this brilliant DC Comics Harley Quinn Metal Water Bottle. The double-walled bottle has a matte white base colour, featuring a Harley Quinn title design on the front inspired by the card suits of hearts, diamonds and clubs, while the reverse includes the words, "It's good to be bad" set within red and blue colour blocks. Also included is a metal screw top lid in contrasting black, providing a striking finishing touch that Harley herself would be proud of.


SKU: 282
  • Harley Quinn Dc Comics

  • Dimensions: 500ml - 27 (h) x 7 (w) x 7 (d) cm
    Packaging: Swing tag
    Composition: Stainless steel

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