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The Imaginext Gotham Jail features Bane in an awesome new Jail setting. The Jail features four jail cells each featuring an image of one of Gotham Citys infamous villains. With two figure activations and many play areas, this set is sure to excite. When all of the villains are locked in their cells the first disc causes Bane to “power up a small black light activates luminous paint on the figure causing him to glow with red eyes and illuminate his villians He can break out of his cell and open all four cells using the disc located on the top of the set causing a jailbreak. They can all run out the opening front doors and wreak havoc in Gotham City. Call Batman using the Bat signal and he can round up all the criminals and get them back in jail. The playset features five total cells including a special cell for Bane and includes a Bane figure.

Imaginext DCSF Gotham City Jail

SKU: 130
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    Age 3 Years+
    Brand Batman, Fisher Price, Imaginext, Mattel
    Pack Size Each
  • Batman, Fisher Price, Imaginext, Mattel

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