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Face your fears and snap up the Pennywise (IT: Chapter Two, 2019) Figurine from The Horror Collection. But be warned - he’ll feast on your flesh as he feeds on your fear! 

An otherworldly horror who took on countless forms to prey on children in Stephen King’s IT, this particular Pennywise was played by Bill Skarsgård in IT: Chapter One and IT: Chapter Two. Pennywise the Dancing Clown had plagued the town of Derry for generations – and his true form had nested below the town for even longer. Fear was Pennywise’s spice of choice – he took on countless forms to embody the worst fears of his victims, but the bravery and unity of the Loser’s Club proved anathema to his awful hunger.

The Horror Heroes 1:16 Figurine Collection showcases the most famous fiends in film as hand-painted statuettes, sculpted in metallic resin at 1:16 scale

Pennywise (IT: Chapter Two) Figurine

SKU: 404
    • Terrifying 1:16 scale figurines
    • Hand-painted
    • Height: Approx 13cm
    • Collector-friendly packaging
    • Comes with a display base

    The Pennywise (IT: Chapter Two) Figurine comes posed atop a display base, and is sealed in collector-friendly window packaging.

    • Material:


    • Height with Base (cm):


    • Scale:


    • Language:


    • Manufacturer:

      Eaglemoss Collections

    • Collection Name:

      The Horror Collection

    • Edition Type:


    • Publish Date:


    • Weight (g):


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